Sunday, April 27, 2008

South's Answer for Tendulkar

Will another Sachin Tendulkar will be there in future for Indian Team scoring big number of Hundreds ? Here is the answer from Bangalore a little Genius whom I had played with in Bangalore.

Koramangala cricket Academy had over the years produced lots of cricket players who went on to represent karantaka and India.

I strongly believe the Kid Karun Nair will make a tremendous journey into his India Career as cricketer.

What makes him unique is to notchup big hundreds and carrying his bat till the end of innings.Will post some of his pics and cricket videos soon in this blog.


Anonymous said...

How can you compare a junior cricketer to a test player like Sachin? Are you out of your mind? I have seen enough of Karun Nair and thousands like him, and there is no one like Tendulkar. I have watched Tendulkar in his school days and his game was entirely different and he was ahead of everyone by far. And Koramangala cricket academy ( held in a public park) has not produced anybody. It is just a practice facility run by a fellow who has never played cricket. This is all hype.

Anonymous said...

Please provide the names of cricketers that Koramangala cricket academy has produced to play for Karnataka and India. It seems you are really out of touch with the ground reality of Indian cricket. That so called academy is run by a fellow called Siva, who is not a cricketer. The nets are part of the Koramangala public park and its illegal. And this fellow hires the nets out to people and has a few boys who practice there.

Chola said...

There are n number of Tendulkar's in India,may be better than Tendulkar.He got a chance to achieve and others didn't.

That does not take away any of the achievements of Tendulkar.I am a cricket lover before a cricket player.

I admire genuine talent and not by the person.Hope this answers you !!! said...

you bloody perverted anonymous,if that fellow siva runs an academy in a public park, he is not doing in your fathers place,if he is not good in coaching why parents will send their kids,and regarding playing for state and india my own son has represented karnataka after joining siva.and regarding siva not played any cricket,please tell me has your father married other women before your mother for experience, bloody fool come out with your name, you dont even know who is your father, you dont have your own identity.

Anonymous said...

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