Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ancient Tamilnadu Map

The last surviving LEMURS exist on Madagascar. This is why the ancient land tying India and Australia together, that sank incrementally over time, is referred to as LEMURIA. Myriads of ancient writings from the South Seas, and the ancient Tamil writings on palm tree bark still exist protected underground in the Vatican archives, having been pillaged from various cultures and transported to Rome by order of various popes.
The Tamil bark writings in Southern India tell of the gigantic Southern part of India which used to connect to Australia cataclysmically sinking incrementally over a long period of time. This was ancient Lemuria.

Kumari kandam...One of the subjects of great interest to me is the history of the Origin of Tamils. A quest to know where I came from? 'Who am I?'My search led me to “kumari nadu” or “kumari kandam” (also called Lemuria and Gondwanaland) believed to be the original cradle of the Tamils (or Dravidians in general) by many scholars.. and according to ancient litrature, now lying submerged in the Indian Ocean due to repeated tsunamis (kadalkol) artists imagination of the landmass!Some of the inputs about this land from ancient works are fascinating:The kumari nadu mainly consisted of the Pandyan Kingdom. Two wild rivers - "Kumari aaru and Prahuli aaru" flowed through the land. The distance between the two rivers was 700 kavatham (about 1000 miles). And the land was divided into Thengu nadu, Madurai nadu, Munpalai nadu, Pinpalai nadu, Kunra nadu, Kunakkarai nadu, and Kurumparai nadu, and each containing seven smaller Nadus, hence 49 in all.

Ruby was mined from the mountain Mani Malai and gold from Meru malai. The kumari mountain range had forty-eight high peaks.Something even more amazing I read was that the precious stones were mined by Chinese laborers! Iam still searching for more proof of this information.

According to Tamil litrature,the first deluge submerged Ten madurai situated by the kanni river, the seat of the first Tamil sangam and the Pandyan capital was shifted to Kabaadapuram. The Pandyan capital of kabaadapuram finds mention in the Ramayana and Chanakya's Arthasastra.

A second deluge submerged Kabaadapuram , the seat of the second Tamil sangam .Roman writer Pliny, in the second century B.C., refers to the transfer of the capital from Korkai to Madurai. The sea swallowed approximately 1,000 miles of the Pandyan territory known as "Yanainadu".

Despite so much being written about this sunken landmass, it’s a big disappointment that our Indian government has done no full fledged marine scientific research . We still depend on inputs from ancient Tamil, Roman and other scriptures to get an idea about this famed land. The Tsunami of last year is a cruel reminder that should catch the attention of marine archeologists , historians and scholars to our long lost past...I hope someday I will get a better answer to the question i put as the title today....


Anonymous said...

Happy that you spend time to reveal certain ancient factors. It is so informative that you shpuld bring much more to the world... Keep blogging ~ J.A.X Gabriel TamilNadu

Anonymous said...

Happy that you spend time to reveal certain ancient factors. It is so informative that you should bring much more to the world... Keep blogging ~ J.A.X Gabriel TamilNadu

Prince Hari said...

Good work on the research.. but lemuria was like 30-40 k years back..! paliolithic age.. ppl were cavemen and in stone age.. no way tamil or pandian dynasty or any civil activity is possible..!
Even human evolution could have taken a sharp and a significant change..
I think in this aspect and this timeline, linking it with the pandyas seem far fetched..! you should consider the basic logics and rework
Will be glad to be of assistance.

Prince Hari said...

And mining as you claim it, is completely not fitting into the picture. the carbon dated evidences of 30,000 BC tells us humans were far far from mining..!

tamilselvan.k said...

hi this is tamil selvan,

i m very happy on your work, but 35000 year ago its a ice age peroid right, ho this is possible ?

Anonymous said... very delighted about the research you have done on this..But still, giving a reference to the article from which you have got this information is very well appriciated.It can be proved what you have shared is with evidence..Thank you..keep blogging

Anonymous said...

Hey you all, we are having the proof for that THOLKAPPIYAM AND THIRUKURAL .

SRIRAM said...

Hi all, we are having tholkappiyam and thirukkural as a proof. Go and see the time period for it.

Prince Hari said...

tirukkural was 2000 yrs old.
Lemuria is 30-40,000 yrs old.

Current geographical status : A few hundred Km into the indian ocean is like 4000m deep (avg).. Avg sealevel rise is 2mm/yr that takes 2 million years by sinking.

Unless there was some earth crust displacement probablity, Your claim is not credible.

There is enough proof tamil nadu was one with srilanka.. nothing farther than that is physically possible. - Hari

janaki ram said...

hi this is janakiram there are many evidence about kumarikandam just see our great forefather myan. We got it

Anonymous said...

These where true, Hidden facts of our origin.

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pri said...

hi guys i am from malaysia. cholan coins are being found in bujang valley in the state of kedah. age of the coins are 1500 years old. they are called massa coins google it up