Thursday, June 05, 2008

My Old memories of playing cricket.

I had played cricket for my school,district,college,MNC's I worked for and some of the big academies in Bangalore.I had only few photographs,certificates,trophies and videos to remember the days I played cricket.

One of the very important video is taken below at Koramangala Cricket Academy Nets.I am living in US now and didn't get time and opportunity to play cricket which makes me watch this video once in a month to relish my past glories.

Unfortunately I didn't get the video of mine batting right handed.I use to bat right handed in most of the matched and bat left handed in few of the matches.

Batting :

Bowling :


Anonymous said...

batting right handed and left handed? That must have been messy and you would not have scored runs against decent bowlers and fielders. Who confused you?

Chola said...

I am naturally a left handed batsman but started batting right handed when I was a kid. I scored runs against very good and decent bowlers who went on to play for south zone,TN and KA. I felt its a gift to play in both left and right hands.