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Brief Notes about Marudhu Pandiar

Brief Notes about Marudhu Pandiar (1780 -1801)

Maruthu Pandiar Elder was born on 15.12.1748 in a small village Narikkudi near Aruppukkottai of Ramnad principal state. His father was Udayar Servai alias Mokka Palaniappan Servai and mother was Ponnathal. Udayar Servai then served as a General in Ramnad state military, so he shifted his family to Ramnad from Narikkudi. There, after five years Marudhu Pandiar younger was born.

The brothers both learned all martial arts at Surankottai, a then training centre for Ramnad military. By that time they were awarded with the titles of ‘Pandias’ by the then Raja of Ramnad MuthuVijaya Raghunadha Sedhupathy. They participated many competitions of martial arts and won all of those.

Hearing their fame, Raja of Sivaganga principal state near Ramnad, Muthuvadughanadhar requested Ramnad king to send them for Sivaganga military service. After their arrival they were appointed as Generals of Sivaganga military and the brothers got an unremovable place in the history of Sivaganga.

In the year 1772, English military of East India Company, under the command of Lt.Col.Bon jour attacked the state at kalayarkoil. As the war worsened, Raja Muthuvadughanadhar lost his life on the spot. But Marudhu Pandiar brothers managed to escape along with Rani Velu Nachiar, wife of Raja Muthu Vadughanadhar arrived Dhindukkal which was ruled by Hyder Ali – Sultan of Mysore as refugees. Hyder Ali supported them with all respects

Arcot Nawal, the alliance partner of East India Company did not able to collect any taxes from the people of Sivaganga state for eight years, arranged to the rule of Rani Velu Nachiar after collected his dues from her. The amount was collected from many sources including Hyder Ali by Marudhu pandiar.

So, Rani Velu Nachiar made a Will and paved way for Marudhu Pandiar Elder to rule. Marudhu Pandiar younger was made as Dewan of the state.

But, this created chaos within and outside of the state by Rani’s relatives.

Marudhu Pandiar accepted Omaidurai, brother of Veerapandia Kattabomman as refugee. But, took this reason to invade, English attacked Sivaganga in 1801 with powerful army.

Marudhu Pandiar brothers and many of his family members were caught by the English army and ended their life by hanging.

The brothers were the last heroes from Devar community who did armed rebellion against the East India Company of English people.

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