Thursday, May 18, 2006

Healthy computing

India is a country where lot of young people earn their living by working with computers.The software engineers are not only earn money but they earn lot of other things also.

One of them is neck pain and back pain.This mainly happens because of the extended sessions in front of the computers with a poor sitting posture.Many people told me about the RSI,back pain and neck pain.

I thought these are all crap for me and I won't get this because from my childhood I have been involved in active games like shuttle badminton,cricket and Table Tennis.Everyday I used to do 20 mins of stretching exercises and yoga.

Slowly gave up those 20 mins exercise everyday and allocated the extra time to sit in front of my laptop.Now I am suffering from neck pain which affects my daily work life.

Now I have allotted 40 mins everyday(i.e Exactly double the time as before) to do the yoga and stretching exercises.Adjusted the workstation and sitting postures according to the ergonomist's recommendations.Slowly the pain disappeared,unfortunately it can be back anytime,if proper care is not taken while working with computers.

Prevention is better than cure -- What a golden words...I am writing these because please take care of simple things mentioned below in the link to avoid complex things in life...

Beware all those working with computers are prone to these kind of injuries regardless of the age and how physically active you are...

Here is the recommendations from lenovo towards healthy computing:

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